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Break Away From Traditional leverages the maximum potential of the online medium to provide structure, classification, perspective and problem solving tools never before seen.

Structured Curriculum

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Our technology is made possible by linking all instructional content in a network. This enables us to pair every video with an adaptable curriculum which includes concept, analysis, troubleshooting and linking videos.

Select an alternate technique with the Try Another Way feature and notice how the remaining lessons automatically adjust. Experiment by switching between the Progress and Specialize learning modes.


Students learn in different ways and with different objectives. Every feature, from understanding how techniques interrelate to the instruction itself, accommodates to your learning preference.

Switch between the Long and Short videos to observe the difference in teaching styles. Flip the video in real-time to see it performed on the other side!

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One of the biggest challenges with online Jiu-Jitsu is finding what you are looking for. Our Browse Wheel provides clear organization and coordinates with other sections to work as a cohesive unit.

Each click loads a curriculum. You can simply ignore it or hit play and let us guide you. Beginners can explore general topics, while experienced practitioners can navigate in further for more specific instruction.


Our Mind Map gives a sense of perspective and generates any time a curriculum loads. Notice how the best option highlights for you, yet you can still see all options. You can personalize the styling, load videos and even preview the technique!

Experiment performing these functions to the nodes: Hover, Drag, Click and Right-Click

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